Does the project opening a source that working hours writes belong to a company?

Be in a company today technology group in say me before a module that the project writes opens a source to go out, next the inside labor positive result that CTO says working hours is attributive company all, want to ask this is lawful?

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40 thoughts on “Does the project opening a source that working hours writes belong to a company?

  1. Of lawful working hours yield it is correct that give to the public manages the inside work achievement of all ” working hours is all attributive company “
    But the place that has different meanings depends on working overtime formulary arrangement job must not exceed 44 inside labor law the hour is weekly
    Are so you to be in 44 weekly hours besides write? Are you overwork time write?
    It is also do not accuse so that win CTO of psychological rich play chess certainly big probability won’t be defeated

  2. The meeting on contract of a lot of companies has ” the code of incumbency yields attributive company “
    It is next is in that what the home writes, also calculate a company

  3. Lawful, the thing that wants to write does not belong to a company, can be only after coming home, with oneself computer leaves write, do not use the resource of any companies!

  4. It is so good that @enjoyCoding #4 time is done not have limit, the feeling used the computer of the company, calculate in what firm office place writes. Besides it seems still is the project of the company, more those who be a company.

  5. @monkeyWie is not discovered feasible. . . If was being discovered, all yielding is a company
    @ersic speaks out yes also can gally gally CTO, the word of his otherwise Song still does not take put in order

  6. Of company provision working hours yielding is a company, basic and lawful, need not oppugn.

    If you have Google the sort of culture opening a source, working hours also is OK Contribute opens source project, but this kind also is with company staff name, is not an individual.

  7. Before reference paragraph time Nginx author is accused by former company, the incident that weighs Nginx to belong to company worth

  8. Do you say yourself is in the home on the weekend when of development not OK? How be certainly be in a company to develop

  9. Open a module in ” of ” company project did the source go out? ? ? Don’t this involve the confidential issue of company project code. . . You are too optional also. . .

  10. Be such, the thing droit that with the equipment of the company production comes out puts in a company ‘s charge all.
    PS: My when the first works, I am in me directly did illicit work to tell a boss (foreign enterprise) , the boss says not to use the computer of the company to do, such property right are a company, you should not tell this thing I am good.

  11. @Mistwave plays the clausal labor arbitration of paronomasia this kind to won’t support, even if you are on-the-job, the time after coming off work is your illicit man hour, the company has no right privative

  12. The module that @sayitagain has nothing to do with business, I also did not think so much at that time, leave the source went out

  13. There is gut to judge code to whether belong to a company inside Silicon Valley of beautiful theatrical work see the company that manufacturing data uses.

  14. The company that after coming off work, with oneself computer develops is in charge of, but your time going to work develops, belong to the thing of the company namely.

  15. @monkeyWie was over, my project opening a source is very much moment is a few new functions that add in the company, new character and rehabilitate small Bug, basically do not develop time fortunately too or off hours

  16. @sayitagain does not involve specific business should the question is not big, almost all after all main item opening a source is him traceable at the beginning the demand with medium job

  17. I want to ask, what refer outside working hours is indemonstrable off hours is written, is what refer inside that working hours certain be write inside working hours?

  18. @Mistwave is right, referring IARC to apply for is a kind of protection that Google gives employee incumbency to undertake individual project actually, will decide through a committee whether does individual project conflict with company profit, actually this is responsible practice. And a lot of companies of domestic are to do not have this one, have an article only, be opposite actually employee is irresponsible, and also do not have legal basis but abide, the arbitration cannot win for certain

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