Does Shenzhen do telegraphic broadband what to what compares privilege there is now?

Sought advice on postal service hall and net yesterday, postal service hall is the cheapest is 300M 200/ month, can pay fee by the month, 10 thousand given formulas that only 269 tie mark of calm mobile phone, 500M

My person uses 100M see video hit game to be used quite, present formula is too wasteful

V friend people understand this one recommend

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60 thoughts on “Does Shenzhen do telegraphic broadband what to what compares privilege there is now?

  1. You do telegraphic broadband a shirt-sleeve formula, sheet buys a feeling to resembled 1 having a deficit 100 million. . . You that confluence of 269 still goes actually, 50Mbps goes up. Can do.

  2. The UniCom king of Shenzhen gets stuck, can deal with Wangka broadband, 100M, a day a yuan.
    If be to play to the hand swims and watch video, sure. Employ instant tactic kind, this plants similar Dota2, estimation is likely the effect is not quite good.
    I already very long do not play Dota2, also do not know to have body case so

  3. Card of phone of month of 200M 169/ of the village in telegraphic city still has a lot of to communicate follow flow

  4. Every month can receive month of 300M 179/ of the village in telegraphic city Tecent game accelerator, actor cruel / love is strange art either member, 3 pieces of phones block every pieces 1300 communicate time, discharge is equal to do not have upper limit

  5. @zero01 #4
    @ProbeWong #5
    @masker #6
    @johnli #7
    @Wicheol #8
    @yuyuyu6668 #11
    Live in the village telecommunication does not give broadband of the village in running a city

  6. Treasure idle fish is cleaned out to seek the formula that has petty gain on, perhaps do the cheapest formula to look for a person to upgrade next.

  7. @BryceBu village is to do not have method. . . Not general. The village in the city also cannot run the formula of the village, and, village formula is more expensive

  8. UniCom is returned in Shenzhen possible, used a few years very stable, nevertheless I do not play game, visit webpage sees a movie of what without pressure.

  9. Month of @BryceBu telegraphic 139/ : 200M/30M broadband, 1 advocate 2 pairs in all 3 pieces of mobile phones get stuck, 3 pieces of card are communal 700 minutes / when the month communicates, grow, discharge of 40 GB/ month. First years deputy card does not receive fund, full deputy card month expends 10 yuan after a year.

    Since the village does not give,do, come live here, hahaha.

  10. Doesn’t village of village of loose level ground of the hill austral @BryceBu know formula of the village in the town that you say?

  11. @zero01 #4
    @ProbeWong #5
    Also be telegraphic here the village in the city is 200M 169/ month but he says how much every month can send to be equivalent to 130/ month next but me this building cannot be installed very poisonous

  12. The telegraphic promotion stall of doorway of the first year of village gives @BryceBu every months 119 yuan of 200M+ that do free experience 500M, expired to go later postal service hall says to had done not have this formula, trade a 139 month to me, do you also go does telegraphic postal service hall ask?

  13. I had asked telecommunication of UniCom 69/ month, the cheapest it is a 139 month, broadband of the village in the city, 200m

  14. To clean out treasure to ask
    Saw the 500M 269 petty gain that the formula uses now than me last year, want to deal with, but because be in-house card, do not give do.

  15. I am found at present best is 500M opens month of 399 follow-up 219/ 1000 minutes to communicate first 80G discharge
    @ackoly #31

  16. The village in Guangzhou city month of can telegraphic 93/ is shirt-sleeve, when 30g discharge mixes a certain number of communicating, phone card grows. The telegraphic number that contacts roadside directly wants 129, it is cheaper to clean out treasure to be the same as a formula finally.

  17. The 20m that Shenzhen did last year every day broadband 360 yuan should add one year 300 still be 400 installation cost. . . Do not know to be returned now

  18. I used Tian Wei’s broadband, day power broadband lends UniCom circuit. The village in the city is entered door it is to carry digital TV case; 600 50M are annual; Net fast general, cannot run all the time full 50M, can see download rate general 2.5M, the late night can arrive 5M. If not be UniCom fiber-optic cannot enter my village, still be deflection UniCom, ask every months 69 before, 200M, want to order two years.

  19. Do what not to do UniCom to go, foolish force of UniCom handle affairs flow efficiency, only the place that you go to asking next having the broadband enclothes you to live, want to register Id, the full name just can inquire, still cannot inquire on the spot, saying is from the back can phone you. Be at ease, from the back far from bird you, call again in the past, remount writes down full name Id, the broadband that did not see the place that lives below bother about enclothes them should register full name Id, do not check those who go out to still do not have sequel on the spot. Ask next shift casually, telecommunication can feedback on the spot.

  20. The telegraphic 20M that the activity does to do before Wuhan a month 30… still send to avoid a formula to expend 1G/ yuan day is wrapped

  21. @spicecch is very sodden originally, after changing AC86, before the feeling is compared a lot of. Shift and UniCom have more than is needed, telegraphic price very expensive, continue to use this so. Feeling by these 3 forestall, divide up nice area, the choice of the user is not much.

  22. You can go up idle fish searchs, a lot of postal service hall or the staff member gives off a formula on idle fish. Need not advance, need not smooth cat cash pledge, every month is returned a bit money is touched deduct expense

  23. 100m/30m 139 of the village in telegraphic city a month, hand in a year 600 beforehand. 1 advocate 2 pairs. 700 minutes advocate deputy cartoon word + word of 700 minutes of fair applicable to both or all + speed limit of 40g of infinite quantity discharge. Have before carry fast activity, should increase fund nevertheless I did not do.

  24. Go all out great look for a businessman to do, formula of Shenzhen telecommunication confluence, every months 114, 200M/40M, the 199/150 when the Jing Dongping that clean out treasure, community UniCom does not let enter, shift is cheap fear have a hard time

  25. The apartment that I stay in does not know can oneself are pulled, I download 1.2M/S now, a year even 1000 the left and right sides, wicked hole, do not understand at that time, just discover now by hole, expired to be changed rapidly August, I dizzy ~ ~

  26. My this freely changes rubbish wide report, expired to be moved, be overcome this rubbish net, dozen can drop game many times line

  27. @BryceBu is not, of Jiangsu, and telegraphic still person, you can seek the old order that seeks the sort of 10 the coming year, this kind of bandwidth is big, low-cost

  28. The village in telegraphic city, month of 200M 99/ of garden of blue waves of community of dragon of scene of dragon China new developed area, half an year is handed in, imprest 300. Upgrade freely to 200M by 100M.

  29. @BryceBu is not a village, it is the village in the city, just old change, fiber-optic, the day lights gas to arrive door, have privilege so.

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