An Oracle 11g was built on machine of a physics,, the machine is 128G memory, 900G SLC SSD+ 1.6T*5 SAS, the system is Oracle Linux 7.8, all already do well, parameter is according to Oracle government documentation is carried out, but always see this / Dev/shm has a place not pleasing to the eye, after installation is finished, its acquiesce allocated half memory to give / Dev/shm, 63G. Myself tried to expand its 90G, oracle can move normally, do not know this kind of operation what to risk have? Main purpose is to want to optimize the memory of Oracle take up from hardware level, the hope can take the memory with spent high probability.

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  1. / the file system that Dev/shm is based on memory namely, it is to use as commonly share memory, also can regard as / Tmp comes use

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