Decorate pertinent question

The house wants delivery immediately, basic to decorating what does not understand, decorate the thing of the respect in understanding and preparation all the time recently, a few places want to hear the opinion of a n experienced person, still hope not stint shares next experience, thank extremely!

1, balcony booked the stage that seal this world, condole to support (clothes tree) , phoenix aluminium big 70 (550/ is smooth) , 75 systems window (700/ is smooth) , the United States seams an inquisitive is, is the door over there the balcony bungled to be connected with the sitting room rise experience how? Floor tile is over there the balcony, the sitting room is board

Is 2, wall to brush emulsioni paint to still stick mural cloth? Mural cloth sought advice from a few businessmen, 130 smooth houses, quoted price is main 7000 the left and right sides

3, custom-built furniture made an appointment two, preparation is custom-built two chest, eat edge ark of what, is couch couch rice necessary?

Hand in with respect to preparation at present room hind does well this a few times first, make home appliance of lamps and lanterns again next of what, about above at 3 o\’clock, the old elder brother that has experience gives directions give directions, what hole can avoid.

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12 thoughts on “Decorate pertinent question

  1. 1.Wanting a consideration is main wall, some villages cannot seal the balcony, this should ask property first.
    2.OK, oneself are chosen, old brand does not have what problem commonly
    3.Oneself decide

    In the home decorated a company to also leave 20 old, although I am not to be engaged in this group, but also had looked a lot of. The home that the individual stays in is installed or with comfortable and practical give priority to, unless the thing of the without solid worth that get loves particularly, what is done not have after half an year new move, those who remain is troublesome. The trend that the home fits now is given priority to with soft outfit namely, modelling lamplight of what is not to cannot play, but money wants special reach the designated position to just go. Come down money province to buy more high-grade electric equipment, is the bed that still one piece can sleep every day not sweet?

  2. Most those who be afraid of is not to understand return think of a way much

    Do really bad to look, looked for a stylist that relies on chart to need not be in charge of, have a hand in more ≈ to jump over malformation.

    What a lot of idea think at that time is quite good, outfit is good look what plays meaning.

  3. Individual opinion:

    Couch couch rice is true to a lot of families is to just begin good-looking and contented him vanity just.

  4. Decorating.
    1. my first floor, do not have method to inform so, but as we have learned, also be some villages can seal the balcony, some is not OK, should ask property.
    2. each are faulty advantage, reach a few years too to finally anyway problem, no matter choose which, main is to see brand and environmental protection level.
    3. chest basically is custom-built, watch board, think a few to be economical runs more, looked to tremble after sound is very long, couch couch rice is denounced generally, the little family that applies to have no alternative commonly is used.
    4. decorates a proposal to search decorate a company, hear stylist opinion.

  5. Does the house that the original poster buys take the floor that has installed oneself?
    What to develop what business offers to still have to belong to those who decorate a category besides the floor? This should say to be clear about, otherwise everybody can waste kongfu

    1.Seal the balcony. This looks for property to want to unite a requirement. Can seal seal. If seat is coastal typhoon area northward perhaps, bridge aluminium is broken on intense proposal, sound insulation, adiabatic, strong. What defect compares common aluminium alloy namely is expensive. The balcony is automatic air clothes tree (condole supports) , the individual is not very recommend, anyway I was not installed. I am used hot pump dryer, very few meeting needs air to bask in what of dress sheet bedding bag, it is direct drying. Air clothes tree sees individual be fond of, it is I feel bad really to look only

    2.Wall. If not be right,wallpaper has special love, the proposal still is emulsioni paint. Use good sign, fragrance beautiful jade, shunawoen is waited a moment pretty good. This affects health, do not want save money. Good wallpaper is pretty good also, but want to carry, and the collocation that wants the soft outfit such as overall consideration color, decorative pattern and your furniture, this average person does adventitious absolutely, the wallpaper that does is very ugly, want so discreet.

    3.Custom-built furniture. Custom-built furniture is ark of chest, ambry, TV, sideboard and balcony commonly store content ark is waited a moment. I am afore-mentioned these are custom-built, the good Lai customer that seek. Still go. Whether do the service of each this custom-built furniture businessmen that see your seat and style accord with your requirement. Good Lai guest has groovy Suofeiya etc a lot of, you look to be compared more more in inn. When looking, what should take yourself to wait to the lamplight of chest and expect is tie-in, install otherwise the meeting is ugly. If do not have very good beforehand case, the proposal gets the most concise boreal Europe wind, make mistake not easily.

    4.The lamp and furniture want early alternative, decide early. The lamp had better decide emulsioni paint color, furniture in you style and good wattage, amount, combination is decided before putting the position. Furniture should determine furniture style, size before opening slot, put the position, lead the case that appears to your electrical outlet is held off by furniture and cannot be used probably otherwise. Couch couch rice sees your individual be fond of and effective demand. Some people need really of a lot of store object space, because the room is little,do not have again store between content, the kind that can carry couch couch rice only coverts solve.

    5.Stylist is admittedly important, but the most important still is him is aesthetic and beforehand case. Oneself want to think more, consider what family is in a room to use a line more, consider the preference of style of the color of different family, furniture more. Additional, the curtain wants and furniture has matched on color and style. Many person curtains are chosen casually, the atmosphere that builds furniture as a result was destroyed.

    6.Oneself are again tired, also should run more as far as possible decorate building site, supervise more, find fault more, compare with blueprint more right, with his expect comparing is opposite. Otherwise you can regret certainly.

    7.Stylist is not omniscient and omnipotent. I search decorating a company is provincial basic the biggest and the normallest, presiding stylist, the result had not done the fine casing with boreal Europe popular now wind to cover vitreous sliding door without the door, knowing what is colour temperature what is colour developing index, had not done derelict lamp design, do not know how to design lamplight combination. So these parts are myself design, furniture and lamp also all is to order first, photograph hair stylist, be in charge of fulfilling a design by her in draft just. Yourself is the so most important.

  6. @WeaPoon
    Understanding next balconies basically look for the person outside to seal
    The preparation of cabinet and so on is custom-built, see you so say, couch couch rice need not be done

  7. What 8 buildings say is very good, compensatory
    Person of this thing some likes couch couch rice, somebody does not like
    Liking no more than is small family model, population is much, the thing does not have the ground put
    Liking no more than is overstaffed, expensive, sapid
    Thing or this him basis domestic door more or less decide with the thing

  8. @jedicxl
    Appreciate the response of old elder brother extremely, thank

    1. balcony property asks only outside it is OK that color agrees

    The word of 2. wall listens everybody’s proposal, my conscientiously brushs emulsioni paint

    The word of 3. furniture still is looking now, made an appointment with two, a Suofeiya, businessman of a this locality, specific style because the floor is brunet reason still is looking, had not found satisfactory style at present

    4 lamps and lanterns and home appliance still do not have a consideration, those who want is in front one is rectified again after 3 do well about the same OK

    The house is the 3 rooms of 130 two hall, development business area decorates consign, because the person does not have the city in the house, do not have flower of too much time to be in this above, more troublesome, can bit by bit look at arrangement, think only now first Feng Yang stage, custom-built, whitewash the wall these doing calm

    Of other side decorate matters concerned to also can be checked one by one only now carry out

    Thank old elder brother again reply

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