Consult below, how does Nginx prohibit Ip visit of abroad

Examine the visit daily record of Nginx, the ceaseless Ip that has abroad visits a visit, how to prohibit to him

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21 thoughts on “Consult below, how does Nginx prohibit Ip visit of abroad

  1. @tankren #2 @est #3
    Be you do I have two one or two this only doesn’t blacklist walk along a representative give close the door on?
    Hint next current areas do not allow to visit at least…

  2. Have a train of thought, can a script asynchronous analyses Nginx daily record, foreign Ip is put in Redis, next Nginx+lua gets Ip from Redis, if had been sealed directly Deny can

  3. Change a train of thought. The domain name is analytic cent district. Abroad is direct and analytic be firm.

  4. Go searching next key word. Business of general cloud service has offer. Free edition may be done not have. But buy a lowermost form commonly with respect to have so function

  5. @sunny2580839896 #11 is afraid this so that he develops

    Upstairs look to seemed to give out nevertheless simpler plan, if your domain name supports a basis,the country comes analytic, direct an abroad is all and analytic to 127 it is a good idea

  6. @sunny2580839896 hum, upstairs a few those who say is reasonable, nevertheless this plants Dns the thing is surface layer after all, this locality is installed circle the past, if aggressor sincerity wants to hit be afraid it doesn’t matter is used
    Other not quite clear, a Liyun free Dns also supports abroad analytic, abroad decomposes analyse function home to should have for the most part
    If still be no good,try a server to carry a setting again?

  7. @visualbasic #15 is good, thanked. I am done did not understand, often a few strange Ip of the Ip of a large number of abroad and home sweep me, internet is too big really

  8. @sunny2580839896 #17 public network is swept daily, previously ADSL when him pilot road by implement dial, run one day inside the log saw a week sweep hundreds of requests. Because do not have map of the net inside the setting and DMZ, so complete by the road by bar.

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