Can CSS or JS realize the Div cascade that is like a graph?

Can not determine the dimension of Div and position, but want to realize this kind of cascade, possible?

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11 thoughts on “Can CSS or JS realize the Div cascade that is like a graph?

  1. @Wait845 cannot determine the specific position of lowermost Div, how does cent come for two medley, your settlement method is to use the part of he and superstratum overlay to found a new Div, the Div that pretends superstratum next puts uppermost face

  2. Do not have method. But can seek way.
    Draw 4 big diamonds respectively certainly for instance, draw the diamonds of 4 jackknife part again next, the center that draws a white finally piece.
    Draw 9 diamonds that is to say, achieve result of this kind of cascade from the vision.

  3. 3 kinds of idea
    1. can use 4 Div next background picture camouflage
    2. or bogus element changes setting color to locate corner
    3. does SVG to put a likelihood to locate than moving directly more save trouble…

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