[Beijing] engineer of Windows research and development (inside push)

Limited company of an interactive science and technology of Beijing
Company group by 211, 985 wait for composition of former BAT member, virgin and factitious Yuan Hua is vice-president Xu Jiajun and Baidu safety to be in charge of Zhang Lei.
The research and development that basically pursues the cloud inspecting message at present works
Working duty:
1.PC of system of conference of cloud of responsible sound video carries the framework design that uses a system and research and development
Hold a post requirement:
The computer or communication major graduate, record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above.
1, perfectness C++/C language, familiar cross platform across to compile a method, be familiar with C++11 standard
2, be familiar with the application development on Windows or Linux system and systematic principle, familiar Qt is developed (need can use Qt, but cannot leave Qt to won\’t cross platform)
3, communication expression ability is outstanding, logistic thinking is clear, the meticulous pursuit that use a heart is perfect, consciousness of rich group collaboration and go all out in work spirit
4, 4 years above Windows/Linux client carries application development experience
5, the person that phonic video develops experience is preferential

Compensation 22~30K/14M
The 1, employee that enter office can be enjoyed annual off opportunity of firewood of 10 days of belts;
2, each every months 1000 yuan / lunar eat fills;
3, keep a copy one year 14 firewood, profitable meeting has the project additional stake;
4, married employee can enjoy children allowance and children insurance;
10%~20%(of average of industry of person of the same trade of prep above of pay of fulfil of 5, firewood extends when bottom of month in and month out when monthly wages, do not default compensation) .
6, social security and accumulation fund are sum;
7, highest match Macbook

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