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Back end develops an engineer

Group introduction:
Byte is jumpy Data&AILab, responsible company is framework of the commendation of global all product line, advertisement, system, big the core technology such as data and open platform. Research nowadays is foremost at the same time the artificial intelligence technology of the edge, cover the many AI field such as system of NLP, CV, Speech, machine study, safe, aggrandizement study, answering the demand of of all kinds that powerful user discharge brings with artificial intelligence technology.

1, responsible framework is designed and develop, provide high grade and smooth news service and acme experience for user of 100 million class;
2, share plan of design system technology, core code development and system move actor;
3, participate in establish code standard, test standard, build step aside to send quality to control a method;
4, assistance the group captures all sorts of tall the technical difficulty of the respect such as Ou of solution of segregation of intercurrent, data, system;
5, participate in each special technology survey, new technology introduces item of the look up before waiting;
6, participate in machine study and research and development of system of different form calculation.

Position requirement
1, undergraduate course reachs above record of formal schooling, the computer is relevant and professional;
2, have deep love for computer science and Internet technology, perfectness a programming language, include but do not be confined to: Java, C, C++ , PHP, Python, Go;
3, master solid computer ABC, understand data structure, algorithm and operating system knowledge deep;
4, outstanding logic analyses ability, can undertake reasonable abstraction and fractionation to business logic;
5, have seek knowledge strongly desire, learn and communicate ability outstandingly.

Still have the more station such as front, algorithmic, product, specific but stamp Https://job.toutiao.com/s/JedyGVx

Resume is sent [Email Protected] remarks V2EX, accessary connection means, plan is postponed inside real time synchronism

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