Ask for advice forehead of accumulation fund extraction spends policy

The word says this accumulation fund extracts the forehead to spend how calculative, combination borrows the word that buys a house, after this can obtain the contract that buy a house, inside remaining sum is taken entirely, return those who borrow head pay?

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12 thoughts on “Ask for advice forehead of accumulation fund extraction spends policy

  1. The proposal pays close attention to date of small letter public to understand, [Management center of Guangzhou housing accumulation fund]

    Perhaps [treasure of Guangzhou this locality]

  2. How much is the contract total prices that buys a house, how much is the forehead is spent. Just went to accumulation fund center dealing with the forehead to spend rise. Two people of husband and wife now is to share the forehead to spend.

  3. *8 + of individual remaining sum falls month of job of the rest of the * that expend number every months, single person is top 60 W, 100w of husband and wife

  4. @Vdream you first the accumulation fund center of phone Guangzhou, ask how to be done sell an extraction. I am to leave one’s post before, sought a different land company next, opened a proof, do directly sell an extraction, nevertheless you must go to Guangzhou doing procedure for certain.

  5. Cost of every months of 8+ pay counts × of individual remaining sum month of job of × the rest, this is what computation formula.

  6. If be accumulation fund loan, cannot recover remaining sum entirely, take enough half an year summarily greatly use at returning accumulation fund to borrow money

  7. What how @YouKnowIt says with Defunct9 eldest brother is different, the difference is not big nevertheless, still can put forward for the most part

  8. @sunlnx mine also is assorted loan, after taking house property testimony, go recovering accumulation fund remaining sum, the returns accumulation fund loan specified amount that the person of the bank allowed to take half an year is spent in accumulation fund account, take of the others

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