64 thoughts on “Are you useful the irritated worry that cannot money resolve?

  1. Oneself have medical incurable disease

    Nevertheless, incurable disease is not the job that money cannot change possibly also. Just want a lot of a lot of money, from education the scientist begins, promote the research about the disease, seek treatment.

  2. The longing of the person to already dying.

    Probably money also is to solve by move to particular situation attention more?

    Probably Qian Yue evokes a these sentiments the more more.

  3. @conge from your word I found the evidence that refutes a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. . The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is so arrogant force, can command the emperor of so much traditional Chinese medical science how to so much dies early

  4. Incurable disease money is not solved, but Qian Ke lives in the day that comes down in order to let the person of incurable disease in remnant better off.

  5. Money buys the thing that does not come: Time, knowledge, temperamental, life.
    Do not tremble to say this kind to net canal adds Zhong He to buy a diploma cannily, say much meaning of it doesn’t matter.

  6. Getting incurable disease is to do not have a law to spend money solve, for instance cancer, but pass in order to let you so that dignity is nodded to rare Qian Ke, medical treatment condition is bit better, all sorts of costly medicaments for instance target can let you continue a bit more for a long time to medicine, if do not have money, come home oneself wait dead.

  7. Real point says, without.
    But actually if social public opinion group guide, inner world compares corporeal world actually much more advanced. Should the room lives, when the meal eats, go going after inner world, that ability is to spend money buy the life that does not come.

  8. Money can resolve too much and too much issue, but the issue that money cannot resolve often makes person anguish vexed more namely.

  9. Actually the Ding Ding outside has @Johnoo #30 only the 1/3 inside body oh. Lengthen an operation to come out the smoking inside namely little

  10. Modern is too simple really to the concept of money. Talking about an amount to talk about money is behave like a hooligan. And his like of equestrian cloud Ma Huateng, have money? But their irritated heart problem, money is not solved certainly.

  11. @w274189159 those saying that the person that has 18cm is not to counter a day. . . Still say they are complete outside. . .

  12. Exchange uses fund, namely the thing that others can offer to you, some things, only yourself can be solved, the world can not help outside.

  13. @guolaopi knowledge still can buy, look for an individual to read you to listen every day, do not understand to also be met a bit fur. . . Namely so called edify

  14. @pod
    You this makes pay fee to learn knowledge, the way that changed kind of study just.
    Buy those who point to is to trade, I give you 500 thousand, you install Oxford dictionary to me now this calculates in brain buy knowledge.

  15. The half a lifetime before @PbCopy111 is pinned by the house, half a lifetime is the child after
    The time that belongs to oneself is quite little

  16. @guolaopi actually I feel rich and OK by air, take a taxi. Be economical can sit only green skin, public transportation. . . Covert spare time. Money can look for high teacher lecture, efficiency is taller. Fell ill to be able to achieve relatively best cure.

  17. Have, do not have money.

    The money in the pocket solves the dilemma that still does not have money currently not quite now.

    Very vexed.

  18. If he has,use the irritated worry that money cannot resolve, that is that gave what issue certainly, need self-communion.

  19. The issue that money can resolve is too much, the issue that money cannot resolve also is done not have necessary irritated heart.

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