All alone Buddhist nun is hole goods after carry out

The Suo Ni TV that bought 5 years became bad cannot leave machine, come after carry out 80, check 200, maintain 400, the spare parts calculates additionally.
Is the Suonidafa do not have a head of come to an agreement or understanding really sweet?

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3 thoughts on “All alone Buddhist nun is hole goods after carry out

  1. How is suggesting to after spreading out the carry out in saying you are ideal, be just ” hole goods ” .
    Come for instance how many, how much to check, how much to maintain, spare parts how many.

  2. National quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau about flat television commodity

    Bring into ” partial commodity is repaired change the responsibility that return money sets ” the announcement that adjusts range

    Overall guarantee period 1 year
    Basically the component guarantees period 3 years

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