AirPods Max to turn over, the process after carry out also does not leave dark

AirPods Max, government-owned net goods, 16 are received, 29 finally Deadline of 14 days of exchange a purchase. The heart is very big, connect daily appear mode to use, did not fall recently setting of demand of a confusion of voices. Was away on official business yesterday, left to fall on the road a confusion of voices, discover the left and right sides is abhorrent, observed falling should be right carefully to fall a confusion of voices not Work. Discover a Bug additionally, broadcast musical process namely, pick left earphone, suspend broadcasting normally, wear, broadcast normally, but right save one\’s breath. This moment has both sides to be picked at the same time only, break even, wear afresh, ability is normal. Operate conversely, be no problem however.

But after can looking for straight battalion inn to make work only, the result feedbacks to me: After cannot we make work temporarily? ! You say straight battalion inn cannot change directly without goods, or cannot the spot detects can return a factory only, I am no problem, but what ghost be after saying to cannot make work? The manager after carry out one face is helpless, say the system is such, also do not know how to do.

Next I connect government-owned network 400, given proposal: 1, return money, issue sheet afresh — I cannot be accepted for certain, this wants when monkey year Ma Yue; 2, exchange goods, with the flow that return money similar, content shedding comes to take, but release time is not affirmatory: I also cannot be accepted, if return money,I still can pursue the plan of new order, cancel at any time (if if I am straight,battalion inn crouchs) , this is to cannot master completely, and cannot cancel.

I am understandable this earphone be in short supply, but after the flow after I cannot understand to do not have it to prepare a very good carry out unexpectedly and the carry out that are a likelihood so that preferential obligate stock up undertakes changing to breakdown Case.

Manager of store of straight finally battalion also feels cannot be justified or explained away, can give me an eclectic way only then: Inn of 1, straight battalion crouchs arrived, inform me — but have a risk, time of my exchange a purchase is in 29 days, after passing, cannot direct exchange goods, can walk along carry out hind to return plant maintenance only; 2, crouch when the time that straight battalion inn can take the maintenance that return a factory, inform me again; The 3, fittings that after applying for a carry out, changes, but making clear this fittings is complete earphone, whether can apply for to regard as change, not affirmatory, should wait for the left and right sides 3 days…

I. . . . . Wait…

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8 thoughts on “AirPods Max to turn over, the process after carry out also does not leave dark

  1. The effect that hears music how appearance. . . How has been my Suo Ni Xm3 been unable to bear want to change

  2. Before paragraph time maintains AirPods Pro, go hypostatic inn spot experienced Max, artful, I also have Xm3, feeling:
    Too 1, heavy, heavier than Xm3 too much
    2, acoustic quality still is plain boiled water, bass and dimensional feeling are inferior to Xm3 far
    Effect of 3, quiet tone and Xm3 difference are not too much
    4, price is unusual ~~~
    After going out, sigh with emotion, suonidafa is good!

  3. @BigWhitePear #1 unit quality is quite excellent, but the AAC that even if be an apple,uses normally, that also is AAC only, so. . . Insert a line to use the effect should very good.

  4. You think @BigWhitePear so, buy two do not have an AirPods Max expensive.
    One uses two years, still can change new, much better.
    And AirPods Max seeing kind also is not maintained. . .

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