83 thoughts on “After doing programmer a few years, does the everybody in the life have amnesia?

  1. Have, when washing the dress in the evening one day a few days ago, hold the key into computer package, crossing the left and right sides half hours to be stupefied is to want not to rise which to put, matched next again, I looked at computer to include the key in yesterday one face is muddled force.

  2. Daydream have an inspiration mistily, awake forgot to write down, after regaining consciousness, forgot completely.

  3. Do not be forgetful, namely the thing in brain is too much, want to do this already, want to do that again, with respect to forget easily

  4. It is so right, I always feel is Lu much, forget the name of a certain person occasionally, just perhaps considered the business that do, next one second forgot

  5. The mobile phone is taken, want to open an APP, next on the side want somebody to interrupt an a few seconds only, forget oneself very quickly expert confidential does what

  6. Without, won’t forget more instead.
    For instance the key, had not lost a few years, did not forget had taken.
    If wanting to want to do a thing midday in the morning, can forget previously, can remember to time now. Him feeling resembles timer

  7. Video moment looks to be able to have a few interesting actor’s lines on the net or barrage. But below one second forgets actor’s lines or the content of barrage, so I see video meet answer regularly retreat ~~

  8. I am done not have, but my leader has, bring about me to feel piscine time to grow in great quantities, this abhorrent amnesia.

  9. The plan after getting up in the morning should throw rubbish, the result issued a building to just want to did not take away rubbish bag, already a lot of.

  10. I feel, the program employee in this and caption makes it doesn’t matter be contacted necessarily, as the growth of the age, memory nature can ebb.

  11. It is certain that so I consider issue of what doing a drop can have ordered above the mobile phone remind, such won’t forget

  12. In last few years forgetful and special apparent.
    A text reads elementary school a few times previously every word can remember probably.
    A lot of things twist a head to be able to forget now.
    I feel is the fragment turns information too much, everyday of sex of of all kinds information explosion enter cerebrum, cerebrum is impossible to remember, the consequence that cause remembers integral function worse and worse with respect to cerebrum, final and certain the business that wants to remember also cannot remember.

  13. It is so right, I always feel is Lu much, forget the name of a certain person occasionally, just perhaps considered the business that do, next one second forgot

  14. Quite much, the thing that so I work now has Teambition to write down, of the life remind with what Ios takes oneself, can forget for certain otherwise. (also not be forgetful and fierce, the business became much brain can forget, and also cannot remember so much)

  15. Forgetful did not concern necessarily with programmer, forgetful become direct ratio with your insalubrious thought and behavior

  16. Do you just say what is coming?
    Do I just want to say what is coming?
    Where does my mobile phone go to?
    Where does my earphone go to?
    How long you say?

  17. Did before daily self-communion goes out, I close?
    Acquired next door window sensor + photograph like the head
    Oh, I forgot I am not programmer

  18. Telephone number is photographic before, just had looked to forget now. Have very big concern with the age and life work and rest.

  19. Have. Want to recommend a film with others, the name is unable to call to mind to the side of the mouth, had thought 3 days

  20. Particularly serious, just wanted what to do to coming, be attracted to come in to be unable to call to mind by original poster card…

  21. A moment ago was, just ascended Github a few seconds, forget a password suddenly, want to change a code, old password still is defeated by a fault

  22. Often such, when for instance I just saw a card the hour that thinking oneself are forgetful before in brain, what when waiting for me to reply next, be unable to call to mind to a moment ago thought of actually is what thing

  23. I discover memory is very good, but the word that cannot remember code, did not fill automatically complete function is cannot process designing

  24. Via often can having shit the end sits before computer, passed a little while to be unable to call to mind oneself are strong, next again run the toilet glances

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