Add 8pro or millet 10pro?

Red rice K30Pro was bought before, retreat goods ending.

Saw 10pro, besides screen, each respect is ground press 8pro. But somebody is told with me cheap! ! Saying is screen is very other not important, I do not know to should say what really, the sexual price of rice 10pro is compared in that! These two mobile phones are useful the friend that pass, say you are chosen how?

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18 thoughts on “Add 8pro or millet 10pro?

  1. This level hardware is used quite for certain, see you how look upon system, screen, yan Zhi, nfc
    I talk about **7T** to give my feeling, (these also can play on 8pro) (not comparative 10pro, did not use) :
    1.nfc is very important still to the life (2 dimension code is more troublesome) , at present 7T is to support public transportation card, entrance guard gets stuck, with the Oneplus Pay that 3 banks block, the function is complete but be inferior to millet for certain

    My 7T brushs 2. after Oxygen, use as good as through a few method and home, do not have advertisement completely (the browser of H2 piles advertisement to still be not uninstalled, remembering Miui browser also is advertisement) , additionally record of similar Screen Time uses Gu Ge’s Digital Wellbeing time, limit App time, the system takes Zenmode to be able to make the mobile phone changes oneself brick

    3. is photographed use quite like the head, install camera of Google of the edition that defeat solution, can experience Gu Ge take a picture algorithmic, additional if Lz does not like to dig hole, the comprehensive screen of 7Pro (7Tpro upgrades not big)

  2. Had used millet 5 and add 7pro, need not want to choose millet 10pro directly, the system that adds is used know to have Dora too hip

  3. @meisen @aabbcc112233 @wufumina @Counter @ZehaiZhang actually I am to want to choose rice 10pro, but be said by the friend who buys 5000 fund millet ah, say muddled to me! Basically be to like MIUI12 and 50W to charge, and add in what do above this really insufficient.

  4. Do so you buy @lazydog is the mobile phone is he used or the friend is used?
    MIUI, the upper the strongest homebred system that install eminent.

  5. Like *iOS* with respect to proceed with millet, like * of * An Zhuo to be added with respect to proceed with.
    Do not like ad, add with respect to proceed with.

  6. @chztv is breathed out, word later period of An Zhuo can be brushed machine solve! Advocate if be added,besides screen I was not found other yield my satisfactory point.

  7. @lazydog hum, adding screen still is pretty good, the adds 8 screen to compare me Realme of my wife is good went knowing which.

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