About stopping to offer the announcement that address of IPv4 of public network of common and wired broadband serves

User of telegraphic and wired broadband:

In answer to the country \” network powerful nation \” appeal, advance Internet agreement the 6th edition (plan of action of IPv6) dimensions deploy, better service is wide broadband user, my company rises to add common broadband newly to be being reached in the net to all supply dynamic IPv6 address only from July 1, 2020, provide service of address of public network IPv4 no longer. This second change is used to the user (like rate, endowment cost, receive means to wait) extremelying He Ying is noisy.

The client of demand of service of address of public to having IPv4 network suggests to choose my company other wired broadband product.

Hereby announcement

Origin: Https://www.189.cn/hn/sy_ycgg/111927.html

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50 thoughts on “About stopping to offer the announcement that address of IPv4 of public network of common and wired broadband serves

  1. I watched next my Ip or public network, be to be replaced stage by stage? My spy just just change telecommunication for public network Ip

  2. This paragraph of time 10001 is because,often making my telephone call this thing? I think is promotion was not received

  3. The 1000M broadband that @iConnect Shanghai telecommunication just installs last week
    The broadband of new clothes has been Sdn entirely, the what in smooth cat also cannot change, configuration is in entirely telegraphic high in the clouds
    So I let installed a master to change the bridge to receive that day, phone 10000 to want public network Ip next
    Should say with telegraphic customer service be clear about is not fixed Ip only actually the sort of, basic metropolis lets change,
    The condition that does not let change can be the newcome telecommunication customer service that does not understand a situation only.
    Very fast that day wanted on the telephone call say to had changed, public network Ip is so true is not a problem

  4. The of Zuo of IPv6 Zuo of Zuo of @Cu635 Na Ding, although do not have W also have more than is needed, and Zuo is true have

  5. You say public network IP with customer service, what understand for the most part is to secure public network IP, but you say with him public network is online, can understand basically, and deal with public network IP to you

  6. ************************
    ********* Hunan branch

  7. IPv4 still should be met allocate, be just inside net IP?
    Next the word of IPv6, be like every equipment to have his public network IP

  8. Ipv6 still can fall into disuse a few old old way by equipment, in last few years the option that equipment client end just has IPV6 to get, the Openwrt that brushs oneself of course can support IPv6 before early, but a lot of average consumer are Tplink of mercurial Teng Da in the hand wait a moment

  9. This kind of user is opposite @taobibi commonly the network does not understand, also be disinclined to see your deploy so what, anyway V4 and V6 are concomitant, , at least 10 years. . . Was indifferent to, time of 10 years, old road by implement should change early

  10. Those who cancel is public network Ipv4, net address or meeting give you inside, see the popularity rate of 6, pure the word of 6 reckons a lot of websites cannot be opened.

  11. Mom egg, had not seen so of shameless. Popularize V6 to with the client public network V4 has the concern that compare wool. Still take go to work the file that believes a ministry, taking a make a fuss about a casual remark dropped by one’s superior.

  12. Taking a make a fuss about a casual remark dropped by one’s superior to also calculate, those who return is dynamic IPv6…

  13. Tell true, want public network IPv4 what to is used. . . Average person that safety consciousness waiting by black. Want to do a server to bought cloud machine to get directly really, real really real need visits a certain service in the home, frp map comes out a 22 port match certificate to land again.

  14. @lslqtz Hunan is telegraphic here it is static prefix at present, uniCom is dynamic prefix. With respect to Pt, peer is very much now be V6, move especially user.

  15. @promisenev when waiting for the average user that what also does not know to say a network next, telecommunication continues flicker says the network upgrades, change new way is used by ability, the way that pushs their telecommunication to sell again by, possible. . .

  16. @tudnew also is, actually it doesn’t matter can say groovy point, shanghai major province is in Guangdong to was reached 2015 at least previously with respect to the net inside IPv4, hunan telecommunication is conscience to come really extremely (Guangdong still can look for telecommunication to want public network) at present.

  17. @nathanwongggg is before this, either doing average resident broadband newly to acquiesce is IP of IPv4 public network, mix however Guangdong Shanghai is same now, need telephone customer service to apply for.

    This announcement, mean from 7.1 begin, do a client newly to call application also should be less than the public network IP of IPv4. Still be inferior to Guangdong Shanghai conscience.

  18. Civil Internet gives completely inside net Ipv4, public network Ipv4 sells IDC, such rise doing be afraid of is Ipv4 wants exhaustless, next the Ipv6 on content couplet net.

  19. @lslqtz is current and telegraphic what a lot of place gives is fixed Ipv6+ dynamic V4 but disgusting UniCom does not give public network V4 and V6 also is trends. .

  20. Think what Ipv6 need gives unidentified Bai Wei trends, with respect to so say Hunan is overmuch 10 years exhaustless oneself Ipv6 library

  21. @nathanwongggg Hhh is very accurate! My pa was risen by telegraphic flicker last year 200M bandwidth, the way that says my home next by implement be no good, sell my pa a route next by implement, as a result I come home to look, that road by implement only Wifi supports 5g, 4 wired mouth is of hundred, and office of the palm on me looks, same price bottom is the bandwidth of 300M on hall, I am spat really

  22. @elfive so saying is really, guangdong at least no matter new user is old,at present the user can want public network V4, and public network V4 and V6 can coexist. Was to want public network V4 to give distributive without V6 before, look Guangdong returns progress.

  23. @jiub states V4v6 has, contact you does the master installing dimension there help configuration of glow cat double inn?

  24. Dynamic V6 also it doesn’t matter is bad, can you perhaps increase security so (prevent a large number of DDOS) ?

  25. @jiub area problem, be in early saw Shenzhen 2018, river door, zhongshan and other places has support public network 4+6 at the same time, guangzhou also has seen have, likelihood some area did not change.

  26. Is promotion Ipv6 about to shut public network Ipv4? What is there to concern apparently between this? Apparently this is engrafting secretly this kind of concept.

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