About Notion and other and online service

It is to be in probably big 2 when understand Notion. The first when seeing, still feel very Jing is colourful: Infinite Block, the note software like Wiki. This product is disclosing glamorous sheen from A to Z really, this is unprecedented new form product!

Nevertheless, how dare be I used all the time.

Reason is not complex.

The fixed position of Notion is tool of efforts of an intellectual government. In individual eye, it resembles a diary same, it is very important thing, the time with this kind of above beautiful product is longer, you leave it hard more.

I emphasize all the time, when using a product, you want to be clear about: No matter be online product,still shut source product from the line, they have a day when provide a service no longer, if this day comes, you can accumulate yourself a few years the content that come down, service, move, find new substitute?

Evernote can derive Joplin, black lead documentation can derive MD arrives this locality. Can you be Notion?

How to after so complex content derives, continue to use? After you were used to its product style, cannot leave it, be died to bind to death next above. If one day, after it cannot be used, how do you do?

These days come to a standstill of Notion China area, a flock of people go up in forum, know Li Wu breathes out. The fact is placed here, the source still leaves without on this society, the product that can replace, shut source service even, cannot find.

Can be Notion still used? Can

Should recommend other person? Can

Should beautiful many time throws his to go up, and of assume sth as a matter of course regard intellectual government tool as it? Think well

The other and online service that shut a source manages together.

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54 thoughts on “About Notion and other and online service

  1. A lot of people do not consider this issue, using using enter pit. Notion dare free, be being transferred hard should be a main factor.

  2. If closed down really, derive Html is used also problem of it doesn’t matter. If correct forms you in that way, this world does not have practicable thing.

  3. Took you really these people, use a what thing to want a family to open a source, use a what thing to want to look for a substitute
    Be afraid of have do not provide a service that day? Then I feel you do not want reuse Internet, perhaps emigrate star of reduce internal heat

  4. Good product is worth to pay fee, problem advocate the view is not quite mature, we serve as development also should live, calculating a source also is have profit pattern

  5. Age gently be stood to be taken so cautiously by V, because fear,not be lovelorn to dare not love.

    See ‘ I emphasize all the time ‘ word, feel the original poster affirms not simple.

  6. The acknowledge of approve of original poster. The individual remembers bit of thing, need far from so cruel dazzles, not be fair development travel.

    It is original text version most rely on chart, the HTML with simple support can, the key is to cannot drop content, speed, strong search. The Block of first step outclass of demand is slip this at 3 o’clock.

  7. + 1, the consideration of approve of original poster. Not be to say the good product that close cannot be used of course, but when making a choice, I am met really ” derive whether easily, migratory ” ” the format is concise ” (best essence is simple text) bring into think element.

  8. ## can have a try language sparrow.

    1.The interior in A is being used, the target is work 103 years. Big probability won’t close down.

    2.Offer API, can oneself write script backup.

    3.Ant gold takes development, the security of financial level.

    ## also can have a try to take notes to know

    1.Him Docker deploy, although do not open a source, but data still has safeguard.

    No matter the original poster uses Joplin Notion, to know note or language sparrow, can try to open a source + free Webclipper

  9. Still can use Tiddlywik
    Visit https://wiki.yfd.im/ can experience. The original poster is clicked save pushbutton, can download this locality.

    ## advantage

    1.Support Markdown
    2.Open a source free
    3.Note is linked at will directly
    3.Support Tag
    4.Only and individual Html. Can put GitHub mandatory.

    ## defect
    1.Be being saved every time is to download a new document
    2.Without graph bed

    Nevertheless defect can be overcome.
    1.Save can see this https://github.com/DiamondYuan/wiki/issues/3
    2.Graph bed is OK him deploy

    Fill an interest is relevant
    1.Web-clipper developer
    2.A li employee

  10. The problem that also has hesitated to derive and network problem, but it is to be overcome really the Md of impressional note how terrible edits an experience… Notion can have API, api derives other platform can have plan. Also can derive entirely at present Md and Csv.

  11. Your idea not quite .

    Er up idea is, catch Zuo of used Zuo of the effort that be the same as , if Notion wants,pour Zuo , contribute 1000 Qu of its to issue its Zuo even , you take of Kui of Zhu its Kui .

  12. That you how look upon
    Are you in everyday to inevitable death further?
    Since always want gone, so why to hold to even living?
    Hua Kaikan folds straight beard to fold Mo Dai to fold a branch for nothing without the flower

  13. I see this think in the building the forgets Gu Ge certainly way of original poster suffer from imaginary fears. I now is to feel the what that Gu Ge gives plays newly really meaning is likely follow of pace Google Reader. Family Microsoft namely very incognito, cereal song is good however Ka Ca… @noqwerty Tecent closes down if this extremely big favour was met still use care about small letter [dog head]

  14. Did the point of view that everybody understands appear deviation?

    Because can replace a gender to be not stabilized,the conclusion of this Po is, convenient the gender is brought about not quite by force dare not use deep. Gave reason.

    Follow a source, just the meal did not have what to concern greatly. Be like 1#/23# , analogy is not same of a volume level, do not have any meanings quite.

    The meeting of 19# has: Can have Api, can deriving so also is not quite firm conclusion. A has B, b does not have A certainly, so Api is only a kind likelihood. Still cannot resist temporarily the original poster’s viewpoint (can replace a gender but continuity) .
    Ps: ? Also  ?nation has extensive to did not derive after all function, also be not an interest relevant. But the documentation of myself also takes visit speed seriously very, long-term security, so I add backup with Devonthink, the note that serves as oneself with Confluence at the same time (the year’s harvest this probably 600) . I also encounter a problem now, the rate issue of Confluence, want faster, add Qian Ke to reach even… which have the plan that can you replace? ?

  15. It is OK to do not try Markdown of Obsidian this locality support of Git two-way catenary is patulousHttps://einverne.github.io/post/2020/05/obsidian-note-taking.html

  16. The original poster’s apprehension is right, whatever individual data, deposit in anyplace, should consider security and convenient quality two elements. Of Notion convenient the gender must not say of course, or also so won’t much person is recommended, but its security fares badly really.

    1.Privacy respect, data was not added when AWS moves close, and the function that client end does not provide end to add close individual note to end, theoretic employee can see directly. To university research, intellectual property divulges a risk. To the enterprise, commercial secret divulges a risk.

    2.Dependability, the government is politic without clear backup, depend on the stability of AWS oneself completely, but the possibility that cannot eliminate database of the jumble after upgrading some. The government is not offerred derive function, the individual cannot derive data backup. Demesne format cannot go up with most market congener software is compatible.

  17. Dare not use Notion before a few years, because do not decide,Notion can survive.
    But how to worry now:
    1.notion has a lot of users
    2.notion was taken again a lot of note endowment, probably 50 million dollar, enough continue to do big

    The GDPR of Notion still has looked before, can back up Html, md. Won’t worry about notes prediction of a person’s luck in a given year.

    As a software, if it is good,use, can rise to what oneself bring efficiency to go up, and still have a pretty good public praise, that is used. Migratory problem is done not have actually after concern is too much too much and necessary.
    Evernote is used before me for instance, was restricted later 2 machines, and expensive. Decisive used Notion, start is very quick, learn a curve not tall.
    Also feel Evernote can transfer Joplin before, very safe, have spare wheel. Actually, now need not Evernote, also did not use Joplin, because of Joplin short of my use demand.

    Vscode still turned from Sublime before, actually study cost also is done not have too tall.

  18. @n1dragon
    Privacy is a very big question, and did not leave line function, if the network is bad,data may be lost in editor process.
    To high classified file, still be this locality has stored, cloud is insecure

    Dependability is not very afraid, but if data is so important,still do not put on Cloud.

    To major user the demand was not very high this 2 o’clock.
    My current solution is
    – oneself take notes, GDT puts Notion
    – him illicit close note puts Devonthink+dropbox
    – company data note puts Devonthink this locality

  19. Had replied early like the government of this question someone that you say, calculated a family to close down, also can offer a method to will make an user OK derive his information, can say you look too one-sidedly only, can consider an issue but won’t go however seek the solution

  20. I also am using @yuanfnadi TiddlyWiki, like very much
    Old edition has much user plug-in unit, but 5 edition do not support much user all the time now, be a regret
    Because think small in the unit group is public very much. Suffer a company to set restriction, cannot service data library, configuration server, tiddlyWiki is again so appropriate do not pass

  21. I hold out this standard actually those who agree, but the product that if wanting to be carried out strictly, domestic basic that’s all right can use. Gallinaceous thief is gotten very, can guide only into cannot can derive

  22. Of @maxlino #3 Notion deriving is really very rubbish, when Notion turns to language sparrow, had used, derive the file with one farfetched caboodle, arrange a head big. This kind of compatible changeover that infinite Block format follows Markdown does not have Notion at all do well, derived file is too random, if Notion is written down the thing is morer, arrange quite trouble

  23. Language sparrow calculated, endorse in A, the security of some kind of angle and privacy sex look for a long time, still be inferior to Notion.

  24. + 1 recommend Org-mode, if be used to Vim/emacs to bolt, cooperating all sorts of plug-in unit of Emacs to be able to say is a function very powerful.

  25. I use Outline, and the do sth over and over again that passes oneself, had fumbled give the simplest method of Docker deploy. Easy and comfortable

  26. Use Bear, complete ICloud is synchronous, can use malic company to close down probably. If you begin to worried about malic company to close down, how your important data is perfect processing, that. . .

  27. @sunorg sees one can understand original poster meaning at long last.

    Is of original poster kink an issue that does not drive a source?

    However an issue that drives to be not opened.

    If choose Ios,resemble you, was used to Ios, so, you can use the product of malic home only, you do not have the right of the choice.

    And Android is open, in this different.

    Manage together, if Notion is demesne format, in case which day, you did not want to use, want to change platform, notion does not provide the function that derive and changes, how do you do?

    This and putting the egg is same inside a basket truth

  28. OneNote is very magical do not offer all the time according to found / modification date comes the function of sort
    Him Notion the webpage that Clipper does not have capture to need to log onto ability to look, although the browser maintains all the time,be in entry condition. And pure online do not have cache, even if your switch issues a database to be cut again,want Reload, do not say whole from the line, the page appearance collection inside at least is not brushed every time

  29. Take notes so or answer fall back on Markdown+typora, front loses Tecent Cos, true can accuse independently.
    A few years of Onenote were used before, but the vexed with the format true function of Microsoft, office all fronts very vexed. Just made the item related a Python Word recently, it is torment really.

  30. According to your viewpoint, because cannot protest the element is like disaster to wait,any online memory are met, disappear entirely directly
    Propose a site oneself meeting hard disk hangs Or hard disk to lose
    Without ideal product, you can be put more a few portion

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