[42 labs] nostalgic to: ? Does dispatch of  Bu that  lead cochlea of the ∮ in  ?

Before two days 6.1, friend circle has a lot of nostalgic state, then the decision also wrote small play of star of music of article of a childhood in public date, welcome everybody have a taste of what is just in season.

Introduce simply

We make each not same 4 digit word, the first number can believe 0, will guess by everybody, give out according to guessed result clew: XAYB. Among them, the number before A expresses to have word of a few digit not only the number is guessed was opposite, and the place is proper also, the number before B expresses to word of a few digit is guessed was opposite, but malposition truly.

The word does not say more, pursue on ~

Guess a number

Still have other conceal a function, welcome to disentomb. Wish everybody heart bright look is bright, thank! !

The public mark that welcomes to pay close attention to us experiences 42 labs

The Answer To Life, the Universe And Everything Is 42

This public date shares a few interesting coolie that use at ordinary times to provide by a few young associate, also can develop a few interesting 42 tools market, welcome to everybody is used and feedback.

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